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A recipe for success.

Taste at Tesco is your chance to showcase your brand in the UK's biggest supermarket.
If you're a producer or supplier, we can put your product in front of thousands of shoppers with tailor-made sampling and experiential events. And if you're a charity, we can help you extend your reach with high-impact collections in high-footfall areas.

Who we are

Your gateway to greatness.

Elevate your brand with N2O, the award-winning retail marketing partner of Tesco.
N2O offers brand exposure to 48M+ shoppers weekly with bespoke campaigns, brand ambassadors, sampling stands, and expert advice for optimal performance.


Get your brand in front of over 48 million Tesco shoppers every week.


Customer engagement is easy, with campaigns that focus on sampling and other tangible experiences.


We provide Tesco-accredited brand ambassadors, sampling and demonstration stands, campaign concepts and advice.

Strategy & planning

Crafting bespoke, data-driven strategies to guide your brand on the path to success.

Insight-led creative

Harnessing customer insights to ignite innovative, personalised creative campaigns.

Experiential marketing

Designing immersive, memorable brand experiences that engage and captivate customers.

Retail marketing

Leveraging the power of Tesco's retail environment to amplify your brand's visibility and impact.

Tesco.com sampling

Expanding your brand's reach through the integration of sample products into Tesco.com's online shopping experience.

How we do it

Our method, your mastery.

Unleashing potential with Insight: harness the power of strategic Tesco data with N2O.
Our process begins with a strategy phase, using Tesco's customer data to plan impactful campaigns perfectly aligned with your brand. Our first-class capabilities ensure consistently successful campaign execution.


Creating connections in every corner.

Optimise your brand exposure with versatile event spaces at Tesco.
Options include in-aisle sampling, foyer areas for larger brand expressions, or truly personalised experiential events in the car park. Our spaces boost customer engagement, encouraging trial and increasing sales.


Sample food in aisle at Tesco with brandable stands and demo units. Our brand ambassadors can sample beef burgers to ice cream, lattes to lager, increasing the likelihood of nearby shelf purchases.


Boost brand visibility with Foyer activations, particularly useful for brands in low-traffic aisles. Transform low-traffic challenges into high-engagement opportunities, creating memorable connections and driving sales.

Car park

Create the ultimate personalised experiences in Tesco store car parks to engage and entertain shoppers. From sampling trailers to snow domes, coffee stations to spacemen, the car park offers a unique opportunity to disrupt existing buying behaviour.


Digital sampling, simplified.

Enhance your brand reach with online sampling via Tesco.com
Collaborate with us for seamless integration of your product into Tesco's online grocery orders. Expand brand exposure and engagement through Tesco.com's digital platform.

Head office

Promote with power.

Maximise your Impact at the Tesco Head Office.
Leverage Tesco's Head Office platform for brand promotion, reaching 1,500+ Tesco colleagues. Amplify your brand's presence and engagement within the Tesco community.


Harnessing excellence, delivering success.

Social media & influencer management

Empowering your brand through strategic partnerships with influencers and social media management.

Planning & insight

Utilising comprehensive data analysis for insightful planning that fuels brand growth.

Design & content creation

Crafting compelling, bespoke content and design to engage audiences and elevate your brand.

Digital solutions

Providing innovative digital solutions to navigate the online space, boosting your brand's presence and engagement.


Streamlining high-quality production processes to bring your brand's vision to life.

Talent management

Curating and managing top-tier talent to represent your brand with authenticity and expertise.


Ensuring smooth, efficient logistical operations for seamless campaign execution and management.

Account campaign management

Delivering exceptional account and campaign management for optimal brand performance and growth.

Analysis & reporting

Offering comprehensive analysis and reporting for informed decision-making and continual improvement.